Impressions of Bonaire


About Bonaire

Bonaire has been long known for its world class diving, but, in recent years, the island has also built up a reputation for its incredible windsurfing. This is no surprise to the locals, because we knew that if one has a place with consistent warm trade winds.  Blowing on-shore every day. In an area with waist-deep crystal clear water. And a white sandy bottom. A beautiful beach in a natural protective lagoon. Well, it would inevitably become one of the best places to go windsurfing, not just for you, but also with the entire family.

Yes, that’s right, Bonaire offers something for the whole family! From ages 6 to 80+, all can enjoy the safe and easy sailing site at Lac Bay, or simply relax on the beach, build a sand castle with your kids, and watch your spouse speed by just several yards away.

As one might expect from an island set in the crystal waters of the Caribbean, the natural beauty here is overwhelming. Pink feathered flamingos, emerald green mangroves, and a kaleidoscope of tropical fish create sensory overload! But what sets this location apart from all the others is the lifestyle–pure, simple and unspoiled. You won’t find any congested high-rise hotels on the horizon, no exhaust-belching buses filled with frantic tourists lining up for a photo-op, or motorboats in a frenzied race to nowhere. Instead, this is a place where you’ll simply enjoy all the things windsurfers live for.

There is no place like Bonaire!!!


Quick facts

  • 112 square miles
  • 50 miles from Venezuela
  • Average air temperature: 82° F
  • Average water temperature: 80° F
  • Population: 17,500
  • Languages spoken: English, Dutch, Papiamentu, and Spanish
  • Time:  Atlantic Standard Time year-round