Instruction & Rates

In 2000, voted #1 place to improve your windsurfing
skills by the readers of Windsurfing Magazine!

 In 1997, rated as the #1 place to learn, by America’s
leading windsurfing magazine!

Bonaire Windsurf Place offers top-quality instruction to match its #1 reputation of the owners–Constantino Saragoza, Elvis Martinus, and Roger Jurriens–all many-time Antillean Champion and Olympic representatives. Together these windsurf pioneers have molded all their years of windsurfing experience into a dynamic, but most of all effective, way of teaching.

So, don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to windsurf, while on the island, because you’ll never get another chance like this one! Consider this our invitation to come and learn today.

Our instruction packages are designed for those individuals who want to say, “I can windsurf,” and not just say, “I’ve tried to windsurf.” The lesson packages will give every person, from novice to expert, the opportunity to learn new sailing techniques. With a group of maximum four persons, each student can learn and advance at their own rate. You will learn in the safest, easiest, and fastest way possible in one of the world’s best locations. Here is an overview of the components of instruction that we offer:

  • Introduction to Windsurfing for Beginners
  • Steering, Stance, Fast Tacks
  • Beginner Fast Tack
  • Beginner Beach Start
  • Intro to Harness Use
  • Committing to Harness
  • Getting in the Front Footstrap
  • Chest to Overhead Waterstart
  • Getting in the Back Footstrap
  • Speed, Efficiency, and Upwind Sailing
  • Jibe Set-up
  • Smooth Jibe Initiation & Carving
  • Jibe Footwork, Sail Flip, and Faster Exit
  • Carving Shortboard Super Fast Tacks
  • Duck Jibing
  • Masters in Laydowns
  • Milestones of Chop Hopping
  • Theory & Practice of the Carving 360
  • Jump Jibe
  • Dynamics of Back Wind Jibing
  • Fundamentals of Looping



All Rates in US Dollars, including tax
Beginner Group 1x
Private Lesson 1 Hour
Private Lesson 3 Hours
Private Lesson 5 Hours
Please note: These rates do not include equipment, except for the Beginner Group Lesson, which does include equipment. For rental rates, click here.