Roger, Patoen and Elvis,

We had another great vacation at The Place. As usual, we love the island
flavor of The Place, the helpfulness of the staff and especially, the
ubiquitous smiles. We shall return, as we have for the past 20 years.

I’m writing to tell you how much we love the new boards and sails. The new
RRDs pop out of the water, rip upwind and turn with little effort. Great
choice. I may buy one at myself. We also appreciate the new lighter sails.

See you soon,
The Shrake Family
Reno, Nevada, USA


10. No jet skis, power boaters, divers, or kiters to dodge

9. Only 30 steps to the Beach Hut and a cold Polar

8. Beach Cam causing BWP envy

7. Watching World Class Windsurfing Champions

6. Meets your needs and surpasses your goals

5. Roger, Elvis, Raimy, and Kenneth

4. Best boards and sails, rigged and adjusted to perfection

3. Smiling, positive, enthusiastic, fun staff

2. Best windsurf lesson I ever had

1. No Worries!

bonairewindsurfplace_nov2014_020Wow! I’ve only been home for just over 2 weeks, and I’m already counting down the days until I can come back!!! I miss everything there.. even having my hands torn apart from sailing.

Thanks so much for making our trip incredible.
Say “Hi” to everyone down there from me 🙂
Thanks again

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Hello Roger and Constantino;

Our week in Bonaire was perfect–thanks so much. All three kids had a great time learning with Constantino and can’t wait to get back on the water. Everyone is already talking about heading back to Bonaire next summer–hope to see you then.

We checked out the ProKids web site–looked like a fun week! Thanks again!

Randy, Brian, Helena, Viv, and Kai

Hello Roger and Elvis-

Many thanks on behalf of the Fretz family for a wonderful windsurfing vacation last week on Bonaire.

Elvis, your clear and gentle teaching gave the girls the skills and proper technique (which their parents never had!) to get on the water successfully. By the end, Katherine was very comfortable with her beach starts and jibes. Anna got planing in the footstraps and harness, so is absolutely hooked…it was hard to get her off the water.

Roger, don’t be surprised if Anna contacts you about a job someday. She has never found a sport she loves so much and an island she loves so much. She teaches skiing at Whistler, so figures she could learn more and work down in Bonaire! She is already talking to a friend about coming down for a summer.

I think next year we will probably come for 2 weeks- Kat really wants to get in the harness, Anna just wants to windsurf faster.

Take care. Best to our favorite guy, Kenneth, as well.
Michele Fretz
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Since my visit in November, I have not been able to stop obsessing with thoughts of windsurfing. Thanks to you, I had a truly fantastic time as a beginner and am planning on giving it a go out at the gorge once it warms up here. Lac Bay is really the best. Roger, you may still find me some morning sleeping on the deck of the shop!

Tammy Larson
Portland, Oregon, USA

Elvis. what a star you gave us, Bill and myself, a truly memorable afternoon, learning to stay on the board was such a buzz; thank you for your patience. I wish we were twenty years younger and starting out. What a truly wonderful place to learn, the water so clean, warm, shallow, perfect, but at sixty years of age I thought I was too old to give it a go, but thanks to your patience and good teaching, I think I could get to really enjoy winsurfing! Thank you again, I hope you remember us, we had our picture taken with you in the hut after our session, the two guys from England. Hope to see you again one day.

John and Bill
York, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom

bonairewindsurfplace_nov2014_014Roger: Sure was great to be back in the Carribean after 10 years. You were right that Bonaire is the place to be. The ever changing conditions in August gave us enough of a challenge to work on perfecting fast tacks and jibes.

The gear is excellent and we look forward to returning in the spring to test out the newest stuff. Thanks to your courteous and efficient staff for their help chosing the right gear for the conditions and our level. Thanks to you for all the tips that we have been practicing here in Canada in much cooler waters! 8 months and counting!

Stephanie Todd
Holland Landing, Ontario, Canada

Hi Roger,

We had a wonderful time windsurfing last week in Bonaire. Our instructor, Rene, was helpful and patient. Our 23-year-old son was very proficient at the end of two hours, able to cross the entire bay, make the turns and cross again. My husband and I were amazed that we could stand on the board and slowly make it at least half-way across the area before a wipe out. We didn’t master the turns, but had a great time. Our son even came back the second day (our last day in Bonaire) and graduated to the larger board and sail.

Thank you for encouraging us to try this new sport and for making it so easy. Your staff was friendly and helpful and it was exciting to watch the experienced surfers do their stuff. This was a highlight of our trip!

Kind regards to you and your staff,
Cindy Morrow
Springfield, Missouri, USA

Dear Elvis and Patoen…..
I had an amazing time once again in bonaire…my second home since I was born. While in the shop i saw Elvis on the windsurf webcam and I decided that when I move to Holland this will always be open on my screen to see the great beach and the surfers doing their thing. Patoen and Elvis…hopi bon trabou e shop ta great, e location amazing…its all a dream I will be back in December and hopefully Bjorn can teach me the Geko flako! haha Keep up the great work!
greets from Roy Bottse, Chey, Michelle, Faizah and Maui Magic
Maui Bottse
Willemstad, Curacao Netherlands Antilles

Thank you all!

If I can learn windsurf anyone can…and that’s the truth!

At the age of 59, with a left knee that is so arthritic that it will soon need a knee implant, I had my doubts, but the staff at Bonaire Windsurf Place had me jibing within 20 minutes and that is not an exaggeration. They started out in water that was only a few inches deep and then personally went out to water that was a little more than knee high to make sure that I was doing it correctly. The next day, I learned to tack with as much ease and with the same careful attention to detail from the staff. On the third, I learned to use a harness. On the fourth day, I took a private lesson from Constantino who taught me how to beach start, use the foot straps, and refined my use of the harness.

The equipment available (Start boards and 2.2 sail) was perfect for learning. By the end of my stay of 12 days of sailing I was very comfortable with the “Go” board ( 170 liters) and a 3.8 sail in 15 to 18 knot winds. When the wind blew stronger I needed to downsize to 3.2 sail.

The bay is perfect. The water is warm. It is consistently the same knee to thigh high depth. The sand is almost like sugar. The sun is always shining. The winds constantly blow on shore. It is very safe. It was very enjoyable not to have the struggle of trying to learn in deep and cold lakes on equipment that is not suited to a beginner….What a difference learning in Bonaire!

Bonaire Windsurf Place has a very pleasant restaurant that serves delicious local foods as well as the more common “American” burgers and a variety of drinks and sodas. I recommend the goat stew, it is very good!

Eileen Johnston
Salt Lake City , Utah USA